NEWS BAR : Calling for applications from native and foreign computer specialists to train and teach the local populace. Dial 057 2257822 or Over 200 Nenasalas are in operation islandwide with broadband access to internet at lower cost. Opening soon -- Nenasala at Kalutara on 14th July 2006
Chandra and Pravim at work?
Koslanda Rural Knowledge Center
Rural Knowledge Center, Koslanda

The ICTA (Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka) has announced that its Rural Knowledge Centres are now up and fully functional.

Five locations in Badulla district, namely Glenanore, Heeloya, Welimada, Bandarawella, and Koslanda now have fully equipped telecentres with 24 hr 128 kbps Internet connectivity via VSAT.

The Koslanda Nanasala Śrī Kanth's map homepage

Koslanda Rural Knowledge Centre
103, V.C. Road
Badulla District, Sri Lanka
Tel. +94-57 225-7822
Fax. +94-57 225-7822